Baltimore Home of Eccentric Ghosts and Psychics!

Baltimore Home of Eccentric Ghosts and Psychics!

Baltimore is known for its Midwestern style eccentric  buildings and personalities including filmmaker John Waters and railroad  tycoon  Thomas Winans that built  luxurious European mansions in downtown Baltimore. The city is full of  home-grown old style psychic parlors with charming electric signs glowing in  the windows. This is a city where   old-style Tarot reading and palmistry is big!  Baltimore also has it's share of hoodoo and  voodoo priests and priests, Santeria practitioners and practitioners of magic  that call themselves reverends.

  It is also known for its  weird ghosts including the famous abandoned house in the Black Woods which is  said to be haunted by a former psychic who was persecuted by her neighbors for being  witch!  If you find her dark abandoned  home in the woods and dare to venture to go down into the spooky basement, she  will kill you!  Needless to say this is  one of thus places in Maryland that is great to hold a seance or test your  psychic ability to contact the dead.

  Another famous mystical place is Edgar Allan Poe's house.  Not only is it said to be inhabited by the spirit of Poe but also by a large  female spirit dressed in gray.  Edgar Poe  is buried on the grounds of the famous Westminster church which was featured on  "Sightings - The Ghost Report."  Many of  heard voices wailing in the graveyard of Baltimore's Westminster Church.

  Aside from local fortune tellers and psychics, there is the  Theosophical Society in Maryland, Inc that presents all types of supernatural  studies in its universal, non-denominational temple that is devoted to  exploring and learning about everything mystical, magical and spiritual. The  society has held many interesting events in its time including a lecture on  "Jesus As Mystic" (that looks on the Biblical figure more as a channeled),  lucid dreaming and talks about famous mystical sites such as Stone Hinge and  Manchu Picchu.

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